Team Building Events in Cleveland

Team Building with Escape Rooms

Enter as a group, but escape as a team.

Our unique team building activity gives you the opportunity to have fun, while analyzing your team’s skills and cooperation in an entertaining and exciting environment.

In order to succeed in the games at Escape Room Cleveland, you and your team must work as a cohesive unit. You must have faith, trust and communication, while using team work, brain power and decision making skills to escape these rooms.

You must use all of the following skills, which parallel the skills needed to help you excel in business:

  • COMMUNICATION – Share what you find with your team.
  • LISTENING – Open your mind to other possibilities and input from others.
  • LEADERSHIP – Make decisions and delegate.
  • STRATEGIC PLANNING – Plan and prioritize.
  • TEAMWORK – You cannot escape alone; collaborate and cooperate.
  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX – Analyze and be creative.
  • POSITIVE THINKING – Believe in yourself, your team and never give up.

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