Career Opportunities


If you have experience working in customer service, have an energetic personality and attention to detail, we have a job for you!

Join the fast-paced and exciting escape room industry! This position entails:

  • Greeting customers in the lobby.
  • Handling the booking system/managing reservations and using the cash register as needed.
  • Bringing groups into their rooms and presenting them with the basic rules of the game.
  • Answering any questions the customers may have about their experience.
  • Managing the game via our computer monitoring system and delivering clues as needed.
  • Reset the rooms upon completion.
  • Cleaning the rooms at close.

Employment Requirements

Prior Work experience: At least 1 year in a customer service role is preferred.

Availability : Must be available on weekends.

Skill Requirements

  • Communication – This is the most important part of the position. You MUST be a people-person in order to effectively communicate with the customers. We are here to listen to their needs and make sure they understand the rules of the game. Your explanation of the rules during the presentation and answering of any questions are crucial!
  • Attention to Detail – You need to pay close attention to the monitoring system during games. This entails monitoring customers on our camera system and also using our computer system to deliver clues/help customers during their game. One mistake can ruin their experience! You also need to be able to learn the games so you can effectively monitor them and make sure all props/items are placed back in their correct places during room resets.
  • Computer Skills – You need to be able to use our booking system to manage reservations, operate the cash register and use our game monitoring system. Our computer system are very easy to use and basic computer skills will allow you to easily learn everything!
  • Multi-tasking – This can be a fast-paced work environment that may require you to watch multiple game at once, greet customers, etc. Being a great team member will sometimes make you responsible for multiple things at once!
  • Time Management – Again, this can be a fast-paced work environment. You need to be able to effectively manage your time and make sure you are getting customers into their rooms on time, cleaning rooms quickly and effectively between games and managing the booking system and reservations properly. Being able to think quickly and make decisions on-the-fly is definitely a plus!
  • Organization – Keeping things neat and organized is very important to ensure each game runs properly.
  • Responsibility – You are responsible for the customer’s experience. Ensuring that they enjoy their experience is one of the most important parts of this position.
  • Team Player – You will be working with others. Helping out one another is very important to making sure things run smoothly and that every team member is contributing.
  • Enthusiasm & Optimism – We are looking for people with a positive attitude and for you to get excited about the customer’s experience. This is a fun working environment and we want that to reflect upon the customers during your in-room presentation!

If you are interested in this position, please email us your most up-to-date resume:

216-712-0333 OR 440-506-9941



If you have experience in fabrication or working on haunted/fun houses, we have a job for you!

We are looking for, an experienced person with knowledge in LOW-VOLTAGE (DC), BASIC MICRO CIRCUITS, AND AN UNDERSTANDING OF ELECTRONIC RELAYS. We are looking for someone to help maintain/repair props, in-room items and create new props as needed.

Some experience in basic programming is a plus! Experience with wiring (car stereos, etc.) is very useful as well!

PART-TIME/AS-NEEDED BASIS (Hours can vary depending on business needs)

If you are interested in this position, please email us your most up-to-date resume:

216-712-0333 OR 440-506-9941