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Escape Room In Mentor, Ohio

If you’re looking for a challenging and unique, fun experience to enjoy with family and friends, Escape Room Mentor is the place to go. Unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, our escape room facility houses the largest and most interactive escape game rooms in the Cleveland area. You and your friends or family members will love the thrill of running around trying to find clues, solve puzzles, and work as a team in order to break out of one of our 5 rooms in under 60 minutes.

Step into one of our escape rooms in Mentor, OH, and you’ll begin to feel like you’re actually living in a virtual reality. Each room contains various clues, hints, puzzles, and hidden objects that correspond to one another in order to help you obtain the key to your freedom. If you love adventure and problem solving or you simply want a new, fun way to bond with your co-workers, family, or friends, our Escape Room Mentor is where you need to be.

Check out the five newest escape games we offer at this top-of-the-line Cleveland’s best escape room experience. Scroll through below and click on any description to learn more, or click book now, to see what’s available in Mentor, Ohio.

National Treasure

Escape Games

Our National Treasure escape room at Escape Room Mentor gives your team of art historians, curators and archaeologists only one hour to find a highly coveted map to return national treasures back to their rightful owners while mercenaries, thieves and black-market dealers are on your tail!
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Museum Heist

Escape in Mentor

Your crew of thieves has 1 hour to get billions of dollars in ancient artifacts from the Louvre in this exciting escape game. Get ready for the heist of a lifetime when transporting yourself to Paris from our exciting Mentor, Ohio escape room.  Excellent fun for a couple, group or team!!
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Wizard's Chamber

Mentor Escape

Do you have a Harry Potter fan in your family or group of friends? In this popular escape room game at Escape Room Mentor all Wizards and Witches must complete this final test in just one hour to become a full-fledged member of the Wizard & Witch community. Solve puzzles and apply your wizardry knowledge.
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Escape Games in Mentor

The Prince of Vienna invites the great illusionist, Splendini, to his castle for a private performance only to reveal he has a grudge from the past. You have 1 hour to assist Splendini in his final performance and help him “disappear” before the authorities arrive and banish him forever.
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The Boardwalk

Mentor Games

Do your family and friends enjoy collecting Boardwalk and Park Place for hours of fun at a time? It’s time to try your skills at our Mentor escape room themed specifically for those that love buying game board properties, collecting rent and solving puzzles.
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