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Five Star Review of National Treasure: Mind Blown!

I had an excellent time with my family here! The staff was very courteous and knowledgeable about the rooms they had. Everything was very well cared for, too and the amount of detail and the decor for National Treasure was mind blowing!

Clues and items were thoughtfully placed and really added to the experience. Thank your for an amazing experience and we will be back for sure!

– Mohammed Nofal

Mohammed, thank you so much for giving our Escape Room Mentor location a five-star Google review. We always love hearing the specifics about your escape game adventure and love that you appreciated the layout and attention to detail with the clues and escape experience in the Museum Heist escape game. Consider trying some of the other favorites at the Mentor, Ohio location: National Treasure or Wizards Chamber.

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Escape Room Mentor: Customer Reviews

Thank you to all our Escape Room Mentor fans that have left helpful reviews for other escape room players to find the best escape rooms in Mentor, Ohio. After opening up Escape Room Cleveland, in North Olmsted we knew that there was still a need in other locations for family fun and group entertainment so we launched another escape room location – Escape Room Strongsville. After just a few years in Strongsville we were told that the East side of Cleveland needed a quality escape room location – one that could host corporate events, team building, church outings, date nights, family gatherings and basically be a unique and exciting adventure for an evening of entertainment. We took that idea, plus all the experience we had from running Escape Room Cleveland and Escape Room Strongsville, and we opened our newest location – Escape Room Mentor.

Escape Room Mentor: Best Five Escape Rooms in Cleveland!

We took all our experience with our other escape room locations and applied them to building five unique escape rooms in Mentor and now Mentor, Ohio has the five newest, most innovative and adventurous escape rooms in Cleveland. Come check it out for yourself: Escape Room Mentor!

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