Escape Room Strongsville: Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad Escape Room in Strongsville, Ohio

A renowned chemist, Dr. Julius Bishop, overwhelmed with grief has gone insane over the loss of his son during a failed medical procedure. Dr. Bishop has been identified as the primary suspect for a number of bombings in and around the city of Cleveland. With a plan of revenge against society, the bomber is set out on a mission to terrorize the city of Cleveland!

After the police made a breakthrough by discovering Bishop’s hideout, you and your team will be dispatched to apprehend the suspect! Dr. Bishop has anticipated your team’s arrival and is leading you into a trap! You and your team must diffuse Dr. Bishop’s bomb within 60 minutes and escape the room!

Escape Game in Strongsville, Ohio

*Please be aware our average escape room size holds 10-12 people. If your group does not purchase all the tickets for an available session, the remaining tickets will still be available for purchase by other groups or individuals; you may be paired with other players.You may elect to reserve the entire escape room by purchasing all reservations exclusively for your group.

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The Bomb Squad escape room in Strongsville is sure to be a hit with any of the members in your group, your co-workers, family or friends. Whether you’re looking for an interesting date night, family fun activities, something fun to do in Strongsville with a group of friends or a corporate team building activity, an hour working together to figure out how to solve this game and escape in time is sure to be a hit and make memories you won’t forget.

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