60 minutes
14765C Pearl Rd., Strongsville, Ohio 44136 (1.5 miles from SouthPark Mall)
Super Hero Escape Room in Strongsville

Superheroes Escape Room in Strongsville, Ohio

Your team of superheroes gets a call from the President about VEGA, a super computer created by an eccentric billionaire Dr. Ray Hanini. The computer was created for maintaining energy consumption, but Dr. Hanini learned that VEGA has learned do a lot more such as: spy on top-secret government files or even launch a deadly space weapon! VEGA has rebelled against its creator and is causing havoc. The battle has already started, the military is already fighting a fierce drone attack launched by VEGA. The military is unable to get to VEGA, but they can keep it preoccupied long enough for your team of superheros to slip inside undetected! You have 60 minutes to disarm and destroy VEGA before it launches the space weapon and destroys earth!

Escape Game in Strongsville, Ohio

*Please be aware our average escape room size holds 10-12 people. If your group does not purchase all the tickets for an available session, the remaining tickets will still be available for purchase by other groups or individuals; you may be paired with other players.You may elect to reserve the entire escape room by purchasing all reservations exclusively for your group.

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The super hero - themed escape room in Strongsville, is sure to be a hit with all of the Marvel fans, x-men fans, and DC comic fans in your group, your co-workers, family or friends. Whether you’re looking for an interesting date night, family fun activities, something fun to do in Strongsville with a group of friends or a corporate team building activity, an hour working together to figure out how to solve this game and escape in time is sure to be a hit and make memories you won’t forget.

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