Special Events

How do I reserve this amazing event?

Email our wonderful schedulers at info@escaperoomclev.com with as many details about your request as possible, including location choice, if any.

What is the difference between a private party booking and a regular booking?

  1. Private parties get exclusive use of our facility.
  2. All of your rooms can start at the same time (especially useful if you have more than the max number of people for our biggest room – 12, or if you want to compete).
  3. We will open for you outside our normal business hours.

What is your cancellation & change policy for private parties?

You can make changes and cancel up to a week before.

When do I need to pay for the private party?

You don’t have the time slot reserved until you provide a payment method. Sorry! We have multiple inquiries about time slots and they go to the first group that officially reserves and pays.

What if I want additional non-gaming time with my group?

Can I schedule a Private Party/corporate event during your normal hours, as well?

Yes, but you must book a minimum of a 1 hour 3 room private party you must give a weeks notice for changes or cancellations because we need to block of bookings all around yours so the staggered times don’t overlap with the start and finish of your party.

Want the establishment to yourself without the need of the private party perks?

You can reserve the first three spots of any regular day (any day of the week) and start them all at the first start time but PLEASE let us know in the notes section of your reservation or call us so we schedule our employees to come in a little earlier.

For prices and bookings, send us a message here: Contact

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