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3 Escape Room Adventures You Won’t Want to Miss

When you go to your average escape room, you might get a sort of copy-and-paste feel from it as all the missions and mysteries are roughly the same. We can proudly say that we decided long ago to forgo that cookie-cutter approach to our escape rooms. Here are three escape room adventures you won’t want to miss.

1.   Adventures of Dr. Jones: This one is a family favorite and perfect for beginners. In this escape room adventure, you get to help Indiana Jones. His father went missing while searching for the Holy Grail, and now it’s up to your team to help him search the office for clues to find his father. It’s an adventure mystery that is fun for all ages!

2.   Mad Scientist: This escape room adventure is a little higher on the difficulty rating, but it’s perfect for any budding scientists. Your mission is to escape the mad scientist’s laboratory before you get stuck as his lab rats. Many of our customers list it as one of their favorite escape room adventures.

3.   Red Alert: This escape room adventure is perfect for astronomy and fantasy lovers. In this one, you are a new crew member on a starship, but your ship has just been attacked by a mysterious mercenary, and your captain is nowhere to be found. Your mission is to uncover the clues to identify the mercenary, figure out why the captain abandoned ship, and keep your starship and crew alive. Note: This adventure involves flashing lights, so it is not recommended for those sensitive to lighting.

These are just a few of the public’s favorite escape room adventures we have here at Escape Room Cleveland. Feel free to visit our site or give us a call to see what other adventures we have to offer.