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Axe Throwing 101, Mentor, OH

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Refine your axe-throwing skills.

Chances are, you probably don’t have a ton of experience throwing axes around. And surprisingly, throwing an axe and hitting a target, while thrilling, does require a certain level of skill and knowledge. If you’re ready to improve your axe-throwing skills and figure out how to make that axe go near the target, we’re here to help.

Axe Throwing 101 in Mentor, Ohio

At Escape Room Cleveland, we can take you through Axe Throwing 101 when you come to experience the thrill of axe throwing at our location in Mentor, Ohio. During Axe Throwing 101, we’ll show you how to hold the axe, how to throw the axe, and how to stand. We’ll also give you some helpful tips and tricks, so you increase your chances of hitting the target over and over again.

Axe Throwing 101 is included with every axe-throwing session you book. So, whether you’ve come and thrown axes at our location a dozen times or this is your first experience, you can refresh your approach every time. Our staff members are charismatic, knowledgeable, and eager to help you get the most out of your axe-throwing experience.

Make your next axe-throwing experience that much better by taking us up on our Axe Throwing 101 coaching sessions. If you’re ready to release your inner lumberjack, book your next axe-throwing experience at our location. We can’t wait to see you there!