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Our second Escape Room: Escape Room Strongsville opened in June 2017, located in the Strongsville Towne Center Plaza, around the corner from the SouthPark Mall. This location is within minutes of local fine dining opportunities such as Don’s Pomeroy House, and celebrity chef Michael Symon’s B Spot Burgers making date nights, birthday parties, family fun nights and social gatherings a no brainer. The Escape Room Strongsville is also walking distance from Paninis Bar & Grill and easy fast food options to simplify your night out.

Call our Strongsville location at (216) 712-0333 to learn more about each escape room experience

How to Have the Best Escape Room Experience

Escape the Typical Workplace Meeting

Do something unique with your next staff meeting! Need a way to engage your employees and get them to use their team building skills? Escape Room Cleveland is your next corporate event solution! Spread across 3 convenient locations in the Cleveland area, we have an escape room experience perfect for your needs. Put your team up to the challenge of communicating effectively to work their way through our escape rooms. 


Difficulty: 4.25/5

Darkness has fallen over the land. A powerful sorceress has cast a dark spell and has stolen a priceless treasure. The Sorceress has placed the treasure under the protection of a bewitched dragon. Your King has dispatched your band of loyal followers to recover the treasure from the Dragon’s castle. Break the Sorceress’s spell and stop her evil plans before it’s too late. Can you recover the treasure and restore the balance to the realm or will you fall like all the others that have tried before you?

Difficulty: 4.50/5

A renowned chemist, Dr. Julius Bishop, overwhelmed with grief has gone insane over the loss of his son during a failed medical procedure. Dr. Bishop has been identified as the primary suspect for a number of bombings in and around the city of Cleveland. With a plan of revenge against society, the bomber is set out on a mission to terrorize the city of Cleveland!
After the police made a breakthrough by discovering Bishop’s hideout, you and your team will be dispatched to apprehend the suspect! Dr. Bishop has anticipated your team’s arrival and is leading you into a trap! You and your team must diffuse Dr. Bishop’s bomb within 60 minutes and escape the room!

The date is December 21, 1952. Now are the glory years of the American dream and the intrigue-filled world of the rich and powerful. Famous tycoon Leopold Regal, one of the most powerful figures in Ohio, is turning 77 years old. You his closest family and friends have been invited to celebrate his 77th birthday. During the party, Leopold wants to gather his guests together to read his last will and testament, but when they are all in the library, everything goes dark! A scream, and suddenly light returns, revealing Leopold lying dead on the floor with a knife in his back! His last will and testament is also missing! Find the will and you will find the killer! You have 1 hour! WHO KILLED LEOPOLD REGAL?
Difficulty: 4.25/5

You have been invited to the Great Chocolate Factory! The world is thrilled when the great confectioner announces that a handful of golden tickets -granting access to his factory- are hidden in select chocolate bars. It’s a miracle that you and your group have unwrapped the last golden ticket. Upon your arrival, the Great Candy Maker discloses a terrible turn of events. Somehow, he misplaced his most famous secret recipe. You and your team must help the Great Candy Maker find his recipe in under an hour to prevent the factory’s imminent shut down. Is your sweet tooth up to the challenge?

Difficulty: 4.75/5

The Northgrove Asylum was shut down in the early 70s. The records detailing the reasons it closed were never made public, but the rumors say that all the patients escaped and the state cut their funding. Ever since then, people say that they still hear screams coming from inside and see lights on through the windows. In Athens, Ohio, you’ve seen that abandoned building on the hill for as long as you can remember. One night, you and your friends all work up the courage to sneak in and determine if the rumors are true for yourselves. After you wander your way into the medical wing, the door slams behind you, and you hear the lock click shut. Will you be able to find your way out, or will those rotting walls be the last ones you ever see?