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Escape rooms are broken down by location, and each location has the rooms listed in order from easiest to hardest in terms of difficulty rating.


Success Rate Difficulty
A Toy's Story 73% Accessible
Dr. Jones and the Sword of Kings N/A Intermediate
The Inside Job 40% Intermediate
Tiki Bar 35% Intermediate
Area 51 25% Challenging
The Labyrinth 12% Challenging

You and the neighborhood kids have been invited to Sid’s house for a Christmas party . You don’t like Sid, but your parents insist that you go. On the day of the party, you get a letter from Sid saying he stole your favorite toy for one of his “operations”. You have 60 minutes to search Sid’s house before he gets home and destroys your toy! Rescue it before it’s too late!

Join Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones in the Sword of Kings escape room at our Middleburg Heights, OH location. Delve into the mystery of King Arthur’s Excalibur, hidden for centuries in the British Museum. Dr. Jones, the newly appointed Head Curator, discovers the secret, but the Knights of the New Table also seek its power. Retired from adventures, Dr. Jones needs your team’s help. Race against time and cunning Knights, solving cryptic puzzles in the historic museum. Locate Excalibur’s secret resting place in 60 minutes, preserving its ancient magic from falling into the wrong hands. Can you protect its legendary power?

Want to get rich quick? Looks like you’re in luck. You have been contacted to help rob a bank. The good news: there is a person on the inside. The bad news: you only have an hour. Get in, get the cash, and get out – or get Trapped!

If you love beach vibes, paradise islands and mysteries, then our newest escape room in Middleburg Heights, OH, is for you! Summoned by the upset twin Tiki Gods, Niki and Riki, you and your friends embark on a quest to prepare a divine meal. Niki and Riki both have a specific food craving you need to satisfy. You have 60 minutes to uncover rare ingredients scattered across the tropical bar, search for the hidden clues and solve puzzles infused with island magic.
Can you concoct a feast worthy of the Tiki Gods before their patience runs out?

You and your team are elite scientists infiltrating top secret base, Area 51. Your mission is to secure classified information about an alien virus. As you breach the facility, you find an ongoing alien autopsy and a series of triangular artifacts hinting at extraterrestrial origins. With just 60 minutes on the clock, you must decipher the clues, navigate through the secure chambers, and outmaneuver the facility’s security. Learn the truth and escape Area 51, before it’s too late!

Legend speaks of the edge of the world, a place only the gods have seen, where eternal life can be obtained. After years of searching, you have come this close, yet the Labyrinth stands in your way. Solve its puzzles and progress to the Tree of Life, or run out of time and be trapped in the maze forever.


Success Rate Difficulty
The Haunted Hotel N/A Intermediate
Boardwalk 63% Intermediate
National Treasure 54% Intermediate
Dracula's Tomb 41% Intermediate
Stranger 80’s 33% Challenging
The Wizards Chamber 16% Challenging

In the mid-19th century, this historic hotel was the height of luxury and elegance for those wanting to vacation in glorious Cleveland, Ohio. The Elder family were the successful proprietors for years, until one day the doors were suddenly closed for good and the family disappeared. Darkness enveloped the hotel. Over the decades, stories of ghosts have emerged and paranormal investigators have tried to gain access to the hotel to solve the mystery, but all entrances have been sealed by a seemingly supernatural force. Now, for the first time in almost a century, the lights have come back on and the doors have been opened. It seems that the hotel would like to have guests, but are you willing to check in and find out the fate of the Elder family?

Last night you were a successful Cleveland real-estate mogul. This morning you woke up in a real-life board game! How did you get here? You have one hour to escape or become a part of the popular real estate board game forever!
If you love Indiana Jones, the National Treasure escape room in our Mentor, OH location is for you. During World War 2, the Nazis were responsible for stealing artistic masterpieces and artifacts from the countries they occupied. Many of these artifacts have never been found. During the war, a German defector supposedly created a treasure map leading to a secret stockpile rumored to contain a selection of the most valuable pieces the Nazis had seized. The map was rumored to have been hidden inside a French church by the defector himself after he fled Germany. No one has ever learned of the map’s supposed location…until now.
For centuries, the most feared and respected vampire has been the infamous Count Dracula. He has become the target of many failed assassination attempts from vampire hunters over the years. This has made Dracula all the more bold and brash. He kills indiscriminately, which is in violation of the treaty vampires have had with humans in the name of civility. Now, the Council of Vampires has approached you, the last of a long line of vampire hunters, to put an end to this seemingly unstoppable nightmare. Will you succeed where so many others have failed? Will you drive a stake into Count Dracula that will keep his coffin closed forever? You only have an hour until the sun sets and he awakens, hungry as always.
It’s 1987, and you’re in Anywhere, Ohio. You and your friends decide to get together in your parents’ basement for an evening of the newest edition of your favorite board game. In between dice rolls, laughter and conversation, it hits you. This doesn’t feel like a typical school night. Is this déjà vu, or something more? Why aren’t your parents home yet? Why can’t you remember anything before this evening? Work together with your friends and search for the answers! Visit the “Stranger 80’s” escape room at our Mentor location to uncover the extraordinary mystery and learn the horrifying truth before it’s too late. Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see.
Do you enjoy fantasy-based games, movies and novels? In Escape Room Mentor‘s The Wizard’s Chamber you can live out those fantasy-thrillers as you become a young witch or wizard studying the arcane. Training in the magical arts can be very tedious with studies in spells, botany, potion-making and more. You have been studying hard all year-long and your instructor is convinced that you are ready for your final test.


Success Rate Difficulty
Candy World 58% Intermediate
The Great Chicken Caper 47% Intermediate
The Cell 45% Intermediate
The Basement 23% Challenging
Al Capone's Speakeasy 14% Challenging
You have been selected to tour the ever-secretive Neufeld Candy Emporium, which is where the fabled Gumball of Destiny is said to exist. Many nefarious competitors have tried to infiltrate Neufeld before and have attempted to compel you to their side by offering a grand reward if you can procure the GoD for them. But being a good-hearted confectionery connoisseur, you have turned these offers down. So now the candy creeps are planning an invasion by force. It is up to you to find the Gumball of Destiny and protect the Emporium!

It’s exciting times in 1952, America is in the height of a fast food boom, and chain restaurants are popping up everywhere, making money hand over fist! The great Colonel McDonald Wendell King is about to make a huge splash with his TOP SECRET recipe of 6 herbs and spices, and CFC (Cleveland Fried Chicken) will join the ranks of A&W and White Castle with their smackin’ good chicken! The Colonel is planing to take CFC nation-wide, but you have other plans. You and someone on the inside hatch a plan to break into his restaurant and steal the Colonel’s SECRET RECIPE! if you can accomplish the mission, you will rewrite history, becoming a millionaire, and the new face of CFC.

The date is November 4th, 1998. After a lengthy court battle and numerous appeal attempts, all efforts to prove your innocence have been futile, and you now sit on death row for a crime you didn’t commit. But what the warden doesn’t know is that you have a plan. Your cellmate, Jay, was released on probation a few weeks ago, but not before helping you develop a scheme to get out. With one hour until you’re sent to the electric chair, the warden has just gone out for lunch. Can you make your way through the prison and escape with your life before you get caught?
Everyone in town knows to stay away from the Radley house. It has sat vacant and rotting for decades after grisly tales of its former owner evolved into legend. Neighborhood kids regularly dare each other to jump the fence into the overgrown yard, but nobody ever does it. Nobody, that is, until a new kid in town tried to make a name for himself. He not only jumped the fence, but he broke into a basement window and slipped inside.

That was a week ago. No one has seen him since.

The bravest kids have now rallied together and are determined to finally conquer the terrors that lie within the Radley house. Will you join them in finding the new kid? Will you survive whatever is in the basement?

February 1927. The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre has just occurred in Chicago, and law enforcement is keen to crack down on organized crime throughout the Midwest. Cleveland detectives have learned of a speakeasy fronting as a barbershop run Al Capone and his Underboss Don Vincenzo, and are willing to go undercover to find the evidence they need to shut it down for good. Do you have what it takes to sneak in and find the secret entrance?


Success Rate Difficulty
The Saw Room N/A N/A
Bank Heist 52% Intermediate
Cabin in the Woods 43% Intermediate
Sherlock 32% Challenging
Submarine: Lost At Sea 29% Challenging


Coming soon

Locked in a sinister room, the legacy of Jigsaw takes on a chilling new form as you face the trials of a copycat killer in a new twisted game. You have 60 minutes to escape from this game of wit and will. Work together to prove you’re worthy of survival. Confront your fears or face the consequences. Every puzzle holds a piece to your salvation. Every choice is a gamble and every clue is a lifeline. The clock is ticking and your fate hangs in the balance. Can you outwit this twisted copycat or will you fall prey to his new game? Escape a survivor or become another victim in the legacy of Jigsaw. The games are just beginning. Dare to play, if you dare to live.

A decade-long string of bank robberies have infuriated the president of North Eastern Ohio Bank to the point that his new branch has been outfitted with the finest security system. He needs to be sure it is totally heist-proof, so he has invited the greatest thieves from around the world to attempt to rob it. Will you take him up on his offer? Will you help keep his bank safe? Or will you show him that it was actually YOU robbing him all these years?
On a road trip with your group, you find yourself out of gas, without cell service, and having not seen a building or even a road sign in hours. Did you take a wrong turn? The only voice you can find on the radio warns of a sudden, incoming storm. The biggest in decades, perhaps. You need shelter. The only hope you see is a dirt path off the road that’s led you to this cabin. Have you found help? Is it abandoned? You can hear thunder in the distance, growing louder, closer… You’d better get inside. Are you safe? Or should you have stayed in your car?”
Something strange is going on and Sherlock Holmes is on the case. Eccentric painter and aristocrat, Lord Byron has vanished without a trace. Is he hiding, missing, or dead? Hours before his disappearance, a new will was made that benefits a “distant” relative of Lord Byron. Is this new will legitimate or has it been forged? Only you and Sherlock Holmes can find out for sure. You have 1 hour to search Lord Byron’s study and solve the case before the new will becomes official. Discover what happened to Lord Byron and his fortune before your time runs out.
Are you ready to dive into an adventure below the sea? Welcome aboard “The Atom”, a retired nuclear submarine. You and your crew are on a top secret mission deep behind enemy lines. There is no room for error with odds stacked against you and only 60 minutes. Lost in uncharted waters and surrounded by enemies, can you finish your mission and reach the surface in time? Remain undetected, maintain your submarine, use your navigational skills and work together with your crew to escape enemy waters before it’s too late. Will you make it to the extraction point and reach your reinforcements or will you end up trapped at the bottom of the sea? Find out before you run out of oxygen in… “Submarine: Lost at Sea.”


Success Rate Difficulty
Chocolate Factory 62% Intermediate
The Dragon's Castle 49% Intermediate
Murder Mystery 41% Intermediate
Bomb Squad 2.0 28% Challenging
Asylum 18% Challenging
You have been invited to the Great Chocolate Factory! The world is thrilled when the great confectioner announces that a handful of golden tickets -granting access to his factory- are hidden in select chocolate bars. It’s a miracle that you and your group have unwrapped the last golden ticket. Upon your arrival, the Great Candy Maker discloses a terrible turn of events. Somehow, he misplaced his most famous secret recipe. You and your team must help the Great Candy Maker find his recipe in under an hour to prevent the factory’s imminent shut down. Is your sweet tooth up to the challenge?

Darkness has fallen over the land. A powerful sorceress has cast a dark spell and has stolen a priceless treasure. The Sorceress has placed the treasure under the protection of a bewitched dragon. Your King has dispatched your band of loyal followers to recover the treasure from the Dragon’s castle. Break the Sorceress’s spell and stop her evil plans before it’s too late. Can you recover the treasure and restore the balance to the realm or will you fall like all the others that have tried before you?

The date is December 21, 1952. Now are the glory years of the American dream and the intrigue-filled world of the rich and powerful. Famous tycoon Leopold Regal, one of the most powerful figures in Ohio, is turning 77 years old. You his closest family and friends have been invited to celebrate his 77th birthday. During the party, Leopold wants to gather his guests together to read his last will and testament, but when they are all in the library, everything goes dark! A scream, and suddenly light returns, revealing Leopold lying dead on the floor with a knife in his back! His last will and testament is also missing! Find the will and you will find the killer! You have 1 hour! WHO KILLED LEOPOLD REGAL?

Renowned chemist, Dr. Julius Bishop, overwhelmed with grief has gone insane over the loss of his son during a failed medical procedure. Dr. Bishop has been identified as the primary suspect for several bombings in and around the city of Cleveland. With a plan of revenge against society, the bomber has set out on a mission to terrorize the city of Cleveland! After the police make a breakthrough by discovering Bishop’s hideout, you and your team will be dispatched to apprehend the suspect! Dr. Bishop has anticipated your team’s arrival, and is leading you into a trap! You and your team must diffuse Dr. Bishop’s bomb within 60 minutes and escape the room!
The Northgrove Asylum was shut down in the early 70s. The records detailing the reasons it closed were never made public, but the rumors say that all the patients escaped and the state cut their funding. Ever since then, people say that they still hear screams coming from inside and see lights on through the windows. In Athens, Ohio, you’ve seen that abandoned building on the hill for as long as you can remember. One night, you and your friends all work up the courage to sneak in and determine if the rumors are true for yourselves. After you wander your way into the medical wing, the door slams behind you, and you hear the lock click shut. Will you be able to find your way out, or will those rotting walls be the last ones you ever see?