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Cleveland Heights Escape Room

Are you ready to get trapped?

Difficulty: Intermediate

Want to get rich quick? Looks like you’re in luck. You have been contacted to help rob a bank. The good news: there is a person on the inside. The bad news: you only have an hour. Get in, get the cash, and get out – or get Trapped!

Difficulty: Challenging

Your strange neighbor has been gone a lot lately, and has been acting even more suspicious than normal. When the initial murders of prominent cereal bloggers started, you did not think he could have been involved, but why does he keep buying so many bagels? You see him leaving to buy some more cream cheese, maybe it is time to do some investigating…

Difficulty: Challenging

Legend speaks of the edge of the world, a place only the gods have seen, where eternal life can be obtained. After years of searching, you have come this close, yet the Labyrinth stands in your way. Solve its puzzles and progress to the Tree of Life, or run out of time and be trapped in the maze forever.