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Opened in 2016, our North Olmsted location is one of the original escape rooms in the Cleveland area, just minutes from the Cleveland airport. This location is a tried and true veteran in hosting corporate team building events, exciting date nights, family fun, and unique group activities. Our North Olmsted location is right next door to Malley’s Chocolates, and hundreds of other restaurants in the surrounding Westlake, and Rocky River areas.

Call our North Olmsted branch at (440) 360-7750 to learn more about each escape room experience offered at this location.

How to Have the Best Escape Room Experience

Escape the Typical Workplace Meeting

Do something unique with your next staff meeting! Need a way to engage your employees and get them to use their team building skills? Escape Room Cleveland is your next corporate event solution! Spread across 3 convenient locations in the Cleveland area, we have an escape room experience perfect for your needs. Put your team up to the challenge of communicating effectively to work their way through our escape rooms. 

Difficulty: 4.50/5

Something strange is going on and Sherlock Holmes is on the case. Eccentric painter and aristocrat, Lord Byron has vanished without a trace. Is he hiding, missing, or dead? Hours before his disappearance, a new will was made that benefits a “distant” relative of Lord Byron. Is this new will legitimate or has it been forged? Only you and Sherlock Holmes can find out for sure. You have 1 hour to search Lord Byron’s study and solve the case before the new will becomes official. Discover what happened to Lord Byron and his fortune before your time runs out.

Difficulty: 4.50/5

You awake to discover you’ve been kidnapped by a Mad Scientist! Trapped in a laboratory with no memory as to how you got there, you glance around the lab and notice your captor has stepped out. Can your party find a way out before becoming unwilling participants in the Mad Scientist’s next experiment? Race the clock in this 60 minute escape for survival. Keep your cool, work together, and make it out in time. or live on as a lab rat for the rest of your days…

On a road trip with your group, you find yourself out of gas, without cell service, and having not seen a building or even a road sign in hours. Did you take a wrong turn? The only voice you can find on the radio warns of a sudden, incoming storm. The biggest in decades, perhaps. You need shelter. The only hope you see is a dirt path off the road that’s led you to this cabin. Have you found help? Is it abandoned? You can hear thunder in the distance, growing louder, closer… You’d better get inside. Are you safe? Or should you have stayed in your car?

A decade-long string of bank robberies have infuriated the president of North Eastern Ohio Bank to the point that his new branch has been outfitted with the finest security system. He needs to be sure it is totally heist-proof, so he has invited the greatest thieves from around the world to attempt to rob it. Will you take him up on his offer? Will you help keep his bank safe? Or will you show him that it was actually YOU robbing him all these years?
Are you ready to dive into an adventure below the sea? Welcome aboard “The Atom”, a retired nuclear submarine. You and your crew are on a top secret mission deep behind enemy lines. There is no room for error with odds stacked against you and only 60 minutes. Lost in uncharted waters and surrounded by enemies, can you finish your mission and reach the surface in time? Remain undetected, maintain your submarine, use your navigational skills and work together with your crew to escape enemy waters before it’s too late. Will you make it to the extraction point and reach your reinforcements or will you end up trapped at the bottom of the sea? Find out before you run out of oxygen in… “Submarine: Lost at Sea.”