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Escape Room Mentor is home to the newest and most thrilling escape games in Cleveland. Escape room game themes including treasure hunting, board games, arcane studies, and more. On Tyler Blvd, between Highway 20 and Route 2, close to Great Lakes Mall, RollHouse and Willoughby Brewing Company. Escape Room Mentor is our third location you can’t pass up.

Call our Mentor location at (216) 339-7917 to learn more about each escape room experience.


Come try your hand at the newest in exciting group activities! Axe throwing is a great team-building activity that everyone will enjoy!

How to Have the Best Escape Room Experience

Escape the Typical Workplace Meeting

Do something unique with your next staff meeting! Need a way to engage your employees and get them to use their team building skills? Escape Room Cleveland is your next corporate event solution! Spread across 3 convenient locations in the Cleveland area, we have an escape room experience perfect for your needs. Put your team up to the challenge of communicating effectively to work their way through our escape rooms. 

Difficulty: 3.75/5

Last night you were a successful Cleveland real-estate mogul. This morning you woke up in a real-life board game! How did you get here? You have one hour to escape or become a part of the popular real estate board game forever!

Difficulty: 4.25/5

If you love Indiana Jones, the National Treasure escape room in our Mentor, OH location is for you. During World War 2, the Nazis were responsible for stealing artistic masterpieces and artifacts from the countries they occupied. Many of these artifacts have never been found. During the war, a German defector supposedly created a treasure map leading to a secret stockpile rumored to contain a selection of the most valuable pieces the Nazis had seized. The map was rumored to have been hidden inside a French church by the defector himself after he fled Germany. No one has ever learned of the map’s supposed location…until now.

Difficulty: 4.50/5

World famous thief, Johnny Ladro is putting together a special team of talented thieves for one last heist, and he plans on going out with a bang! Ladro owes money to the wrong people and after this mission pays-out, he plans on enjoying a quiet life away from crime.

Difficulty: 4.50/5

It’s 1987 you’re in anywhere, Ohio. You and your friends decide to get together in your parents’ basement for an evening of the newest edition of your favorite board game. In between dice rolls, laughter and conversation. It hits you, realizing this doesn’t feel like a typical school night. Is this déjà vu, or something more? Why aren’t your parents home yet? Why can’t you remember anything before this evening? Work together with your friends, Search for the answers! Uncover the extraordinary mystery and Learn the horrifying truth before it’s too late. Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. You are… The Missing Link.

Difficulty: 4.75/5

Do you enjoy fantasy-based games, movies and novels? In Escape Room Mentor‘s The Wizard’s Chamber you can live out those fantasy-thrillers as you become a young witch or wizard studying the arcane. Training in the magical arts can be very tedious with studies in spells, botany, potion-making and more. You have been studying hard all year-long and your instructor is convinced that you are ready for your final test. 

For centuries, the most feared and respected vampire has been the infamous Count Dracula. He has become the target of many failed assassination attempts from vampire hunters over the years. This has made Dracula all the more bold and brash. He kills indiscriminately, which is in violation of the treaty vampires have had with humans in the name of civility. Now, the Council of Vampires has approached you, the last of a long line of vampire hunters, to put an end to this seemingly unstoppable nightmare. Will you succeed where so many others have failed? Will you drive a stake into Count Dracula that will keep his coffin closed forever? You only have an hour until the sun sets and he awakens, hungry as always.