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Cleveland Heights Escape Room

Are you ready to get trapped?



You’re about to enter a room, and the host begins to tell you a story.
“Doctor Gearwork’s life work has been spent studying the balance of the universe and keeping harmony with opposites…” the host explains.

National Treasure Mentor






“Can you and your team succeed in saving the world?” And then it’s time. You enter the room, and your adventure begins.

The host has sent you off, and the 60-minute timer has started. You set foot in the room and are fully immersed in the game. It looks real.

Difficulty: Intermediate

It’s exciting times in 1952, America is in the height of a fast food boom, and chain restaurants are popping up everywhere, making money hand over fist! The great Colonel McDonald Wendell King is about to make a huge splash with his TOP SECRET recipe of 6 herbs and spices, and CFC (Cleveland Fried Chicken) will join the ranks of A&W and White Castle with their smackin’ good chicken! The Colonel is planing to take CFC nation-wide, but you have other plans. You and someone on the inside hatch a plan to break into his restaurant and steal the Colonel’s SECRET RECIPE! if you can accomplish the mission, you will rewrite history, becoming a millionaire, and the new face of CFC.

Difficulty: Intermediate

You have been selected to tour the ever-secretive Neufeld Candy Emporium, which is where the fabled Gumball of Destiny is said to exist. Many nefarious competitors have tried to infiltrate Neufeld before and have attempted to compel you to their side by offering a grand reward if you can procure the GoD for them. But being a good-hearted confectionery connoisseur, you have turned these offers down. So now the candy creeps are planning an invasion by force. It is up to you to find the Gumball of Destiny and protect the Emporium!

Difficulty: Intermediate

The date is November 4th, 1998. After a lengthy court battle and numerous appeal attempts, all efforts to prove your innocence have been futile, and you now sit on death row for a crime you didn’t commit. But what the warden doesn’t know is that you have a plan. Your cellmate, Jay, was released on probation a few weeks ago, but not before helping you develop a scheme to get out. With one hour until you’re sent to the electric chair, the warden has just gone out for lunch. Can you make your way through the prison and escape with your life before you get caught?

Difficulty: Challenging

February 1927. The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre has just occurred in Chicago, and law enforcement is keen to crack down on organized crime throughout the Midwest. Cleveland detectives have learned of a speakeasy fronting as a barbershop run Al Capone and his Underboss Don Vincenzo, and are willing to go undercover to find the evidence they need to shut it down for good. Do you have what it takes to sneak in and find the secret entrance?

Difficulty: Challenging

Everyone in town knows to stay away from the Radley house. It has sat vacant and rotting for decades after grisly tales of its former owner evolved into legend. Neighborhood kids regularly dare each other to jump the fence into the overgrown yard, but nobody ever does it. Nobody, that is, until a new kid in town tried to make a name for himself. He not only jumped the fence, but he broke into a basement window and slipped inside.
That was a week ago. No one has seen him since.

The bravest kids have now rallied together and are determined to finally conquer the terrors that lie within the Radley house. Will you join them in finding the new kid? Will you survive whatever is in the basement?