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4 Tips for Solving an Escape Room

When you book an escape room adventure, you never plan to let the time run out before you solve it. You plan for victory against the clock! Here are four tips to solve your escape room every time.

1.   Communicate and collaborate: If each team member splits off to solve their own piece of the escape room puzzle, you might end up wasting time. One person could discover a clue that the group needs but decides rather to keep it to solve their own piece of the puzzle. It’s important to work together as a team and keep the clues organized for everyone to see.

2.   Immerse yourself: One of our escape rooms involves stepping into the shoes of a double agent to finish his last mission. Fully immersing yourself into his character could give you insight on different clues that you might not have found on your own. This tip can apply to any escape room that involves stepping into the shoes of another character.

3.   Don’t overthink it: The key to succeeding in an escape room is not overthinking everything. Sometimes, a pen really is just a pen. Not overthinking things keeps things simple and prevents you from wasting time unnecessarily.

4.   Ask for hints: We offer the option to ask for hints because we want you to beat the escape room and enjoy your experience. Perhaps you think that asking for a hint is admitting defeat, but that isn’t at all true; you’re making the most out of the time and resources available to you. Most often, you’re wasting more of your limited time by standing around and floundering to solve the puzzle when it takes just mere seconds to ask for a hint that can get you rolling again before the time is up.

These are just a few of the tips we can give you. We’ll be happy to provide you with more at your next escape room adventure.