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How to Have the Best Escape Room Experience

When you book an escape room for you and your friends or family, you want to have the best possible experience. We want you to have the best escape room experience too, so here are a few tips on how to do so.

  • Find the right group: One of the key parts to having the best escape room experience has nothing to do with the actual escape room, but the people you bring to the escape room. Whether you go as a couple, a group of friends, or an entire family, you’ll want to be sure you can rely on each member for good communication, problem-solving skills, and an overall dedication to having fun. This will help your escape room experience go smoothly.
  • Choose the right room: Here at Escape Room Cleveland, we have a variety of escape rooms that range from easy to difficult and from scary to kid-friendly. When booking your escape room experience, you’ll want to choose the right style and difficulty level that best fits your group. Don’t worry, though– we’ll be ready with hints if you get stuck along the way to ensure you still have the best experience possible.
  • Remember to have fun: As with any escape room experience, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment of racing against the clock to solve the mystery. However, you can’t let the stress of it ruin your experience. You need to remember to relax and have fun, even if that does mean letting the timer run out.

Feel free to put these tips to the test when you stop in to give our escape rooms a try.