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Holiday Party, Cleveland, OH

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Hold your holiday party at an escape room.

Your next holiday party doesn’t have to be held in your break room. It also doesn’t have to feel like a mandatory occasion that your employees will be less than thrilled about attending. Mix things up a little bit this holiday season and get your team excited about an experience they won’t soon forget about. Hold your company’s holiday party at Escape Room Cleveland and get ready for the ultimate team-building experience!

Holiday Party in Cleveland, Ohio

Our escape rooms in Cleveland, Ohio are thrilling, fun, challenging, and exciting. We’ll put your team together in a room filled with tons of puzzles and clues to solve, and they’ll have to figure out the challenge before the clock runs out! Of course, our helpful team members will always be on the sidelines ready to provide prompts and guidance at your signal. But other than that, it’s up to you to get out and get out on time.

Holding your holiday party at an escape room can improve communication and improve relationships among your team members. So not only will your team have a great time, but they’ll also be learning to work better with each other while they’re at it.

This holiday season, host a holiday part for your team that is out of the ordinary. To learn more about having your holiday part at an escape room and to make your reservation, get in touch with us today.