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Why You’ll Love Our Projected Axe TargetsWhen it comes to axe throwing, your target is typically drawn on a wood base that will help your axe stick. Unfortunately, this often leaves few options for the type of wood you can use for your target because many wood bases are more difficult to draw on. Here at Escape Room Cleveland, we like to use projected axe targets. Here are a few reasons why you will too.

  • Change it up: Projected axe targets are exactly as they sound: a system projects the target onto the wood. This means you don’t have to use the same type of target every time—you can project different images onto the same piece of wood to change up the game.
  • More wood options: Since projected axe targets mean the target doesn’t have to be drawn onto the wood, any type of wood can be used. If you have been axe throwing before, you might know that some wooden targets are easier to work with than others. One of the best we’ve found for axe throwing is an end wood target. It’s much easier to get your axe to stick the landing, and the wood lasts significantly longer that with other wood bases.
  • Get crisper images: The last reason why we prefer using projected axe targets is because it provides much crisper images for your target. Whether the surface of the wood base is rough and torn up or pristinely smooth, you will still have a crisp, clear image for your target.

Projected axe targets can ease your axe throwing experience and add a bit more flexibility than you’ve ever experienced before. Feel free to contact us to schedule your next axe throwing experience to learn more.