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Host your next corporate event at an escape room.

Chances are high that your team members don’t really look forward to the corporate events you host. Although there’s usually free food, there isn’t much excitement or intrigue that goes along with it. Instead of booking a conference room and forcing your team to participate in the same old activities to help with team building, try something new with an escape room.

Corporate Events in Mentor, Ohio

At Escape Room Cleveland, we regularly host corporate events at our escape rooms, and we can’t recommend them enough. What makes escape rooms so great for corporate events? For starters, your team has to work together to solve the clues before the clock runs out. Otherwise, they won’t escape the room in time. This puts pressure on your team to put their skills to the test to see if they have what it takes to get out.

Not only that, but escape rooms are fun and exciting. Compared with other corporate event options in the Mentor, Ohio area, it’s hard to beat the thrill and excitement of an escape room. We have several escape room themes and options, so you can pick the one you think would be most fun for your specific team.

Corporate events don’t have to be boring, and they can even be something that your team looks forward to. If you’re ready to make your next corporate event an experience your team won’t be able to stop talking about, contact us today to book an escape room.

Corporate Events in Cleveland, OH
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