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Make team building fun and exciting again with an escape room.

Do your team members internally (or audibly) groan when you mention team building? If you feel like your team would rather stay at their desks and keep working than engage in the activities for team building you put together, it’s time to try something new. Try an escape room the next time you want to encourage team building, and watch as your team works together to solve the riddles, figure out the clues, and escape the room with time to spare!

Team Building in Mentor, Ohio

At Escape Room Cleveland, we’re ready to help you put your team’s problem-solving skills to the test at one of our escape rooms. We have locations throughout the Mentor, Ohio area, and each one features different storylines and themes, so there’s always something new, fun, and exciting to try.

After you book your escape room, bring your team in for the event, and they’ll have to work together to make it out in time. Because time is limited, your team will have to join forces and put in a collaborative effort to get through the clues and figure out how to escape. Our unique storylines and themes make the experience fun and memorable, and your team will beg you to come back for another round after they’re done.

Make team building a fun and exciting experience again by including an escape room as part of your plans. For more information about our escape room options or to book your event, reach out to us today.

Team Building in Cleveland, OH